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Default Re: The 2019 Digital W23 Speculation and Discussion Thread

The Pyramid Dungeon Collection isn't a simple repackaging. It offers completely revised second editions of all of the articles within it, which come from Pyramid, Volume 2 (i.e., the web version) – that is, if we label the Pyramid, Volume 2 articles {A1, A2, A3, ..., An}, this compilation contains something like "A13, Second Edition," "A47, Second Edition," "A129, Second Edition," etc. The most important fixes are updates from GURPS Third Edition (for which most of the articles were written) to GURPS Fourth Edition, but there are also errata fixes and expanded content, the latter most often being ties to either other articles in the collection or the GURPS Dungeon Fantasy series (which didn't exist when most of these articles were written).

To give you some idea: All of these articles were already edited and published once. Despite that, I had 40 pages of editorial comments on the new versions, as they were different enough to need a second edit.
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