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Default Re: Power Limitations with no point value

Originally Posted by Bicorn View Post
True, but the countermeasures thing doesn't really matter either unless the GM intends to use opponents that have such abilities.
A limitation that doesn't limit is not worth any points. If there is no such thing as anti-psi technology, the GM should reduce the Psionic modifier from -10% to -5%. On the other hand, if anti-psi technology is just rare, it might be better to have psis take some points in Unusual Background.

But that's a matter of the nuances of how to use power modifiers. It's not invalidating the basic concept.

I like power modifiers as a source of flavor. Giving players a cost break for taking them makes it likely that such flavor will be more prevalent. A while back, for Pyramid, I wrote up a setting where there were over a dozen different power modifiers for supers of different types—including one that came to 0%, designed to set super normals apart from mundanes—and without the Super modifier being available at all. . . .
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