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Default Re: [Fantasy/Thaumatology] Building a Verb/Noun Alphabet

Originally Posted by Culture20 View Post
Are the Inscriptions permanent?
The Inscriptions can linger, and be invoked later similar to Symbol Tokens (GURPS Thaumatology, p. 174), but the effects themselves are not permanent unless done with some kind of Inscription-based Enchantment, the system for which I'll worry about tackling after I've got a base system.

Originally Posted by Culture20 View Post
If not, they could be aspected modular ability pools. If someone knows how to draw a particular Sign better, they just happen to have a larger aspected pool for that Sign. The next time you draw the same Sign, your previous inscription with that sign stops working. You might need two pools per sign for noun and verb, else Beast Beast for “create animal” wouldn’t work.

Hmm, twist the rules a little so that the whole inscription adds the pools of all Signs for the ability.
This is... a really good idea. Thank you! I've already used one form of Modular Abilities for one kind of magic (trait-limited to allow only for Advantage- and Disadvantage-based Afflictions with Malediction to represent divine blessings and curses), but I completely forgot about focus-limited ones. I'll have to dig into it a little more to get a workable model, but it's definitely somewhere to start.

Thanks everyone! This is why I love this community so much! I might be back if I run into another wall or get a working system I want to share.
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