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Default Re: [Fantasy/Thaumatology] Building a Verb/Noun Alphabet

Originally Posted by Jinumon View Post
was under the impression that Symbol Magic as presented in GURPS Thaumatology was largely similar to Syntactic Verb-Noun, only with the Verbs and Nouns written out instead of spoken.
Somewhat. There's a way of doing what you want in "Variations" on p. 175 of Thaumatology. Drop the FP costs, and use the Magical Scope Parameters (pp. 242-243), treating the modifiers as penalties.
Also correct. But I have no idea as to how to price out how difficult or time-consuming the process should be given the effects created.
The Discworld RPG's magic system has quite a good (although very simple) set of modifiers that you could use for this.
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