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Default Re: Fluid Consumption Rules

I totally agree that there are other ways of limiting things - as mentioned, having them cost FP or just putting straight-up limits and having them be jelly-like for slower drinking. Making them significantly denser than water would also give them weights that limits how many you can carry without having them be large.

That said, I actually like the aesthetic of them being large. Characters carrying around large jugs of healing or buffs is kind-of great and it fits with a theme I have in the campaign of having things be just a little awkward (for instance, the stone-skin spell generates a fair bit of encumbrance, since it literally grows a rock-like shell over your skin).

The LD50 of 6L is fascinating and surprisingly low to me. I've done 3L in a sitting on multiple occasions, but I am an abnormally heavy water-drinker (I only use mugs that can hold at least a liter for my water).

Alright, how's this sound:

I'm thinking of going with the ruling that my PCs can down 500mL in a second. A roll against HT+3 can speed this up by 250mL/sec with successive rolls being at a cumulative -1 and additional 250mL being at -3 (so downing 1L in 1 sec would be a roll against HT-3 and downing another liter the following second would be a roll against HT-4). Failure by 5 or more represents choking, retching or otherwise having to stop. Otherwise, you just have to slow down. Training (probably in the form of a perk) could give a +5 or so).

Additionally, anyone can drink 2 L without further issues. At that point, your body doesn't want to let you drink more. You can drink an extra liter with a HT+2 roll with a cumulative -2 for each extra liter. Effective fluid limits restore by 1L every half hour. Again, a perk could probably give bonuses.
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