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Default Re: Marvel/DC World-Character Supers Building

Personally, I wouldn't give Constantine Smooth Operator. I don't think he displays the broad aptitude for social skills it represents. I'd give him a narrower Talent instead - one that should cover Fast-Talk and Intimidation, but not, say, Diplomacy. In fact, I came up with a Talent to cover tieflings' (half-demons from D&D) racial charm, that I think also fits here. And it deeply amuses me to give John Constantine a Talent based on being a charming devil. :-)

Devil's Tongue
5 points/level

Your infernal birth has given you a gift for speaking as devils do - with cunning, charm, and just enough truth to give your lies the right flavour, and more than a hint of menace.

Skills: Acting, Disguise, Fast-Talk, Intimidation, Merchant, Mimicry.
Reaction Bonus: Devils, and those who would strike bargains with them.
Alternative Bonus: Your experience with your own wiles gives you some bonus against others of your sort. Add your level in this Talent to Detect Lies when listening to devils or other tieflings, and to Will when resisting Influence rolls made by them.
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