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Default Re: Marvel/DC World-Character Supers Building

Originally Posted by Fred Brackin View Post
Constantine depends on GM-level decisions about how you want to do flexible "ritual" magic. Maybe some sort of Modular Abilities with significant amounts of Preparation Required. Otherwise he's a normal human with a lot of "lore" Skills and a really bad attitude.
For Constantine I'd probably use either Path/Book magic or Ritual Path Magic. RPM would probably work best for him in a game; he needs a bit of time to prepare, but he's also occasionally used what RPM calls charms in order to have a spell prepared ahead of time.

Skill-wise, I'd give him Hidden Lore (Magic) 16+, Ritual Magic (Hermetic*) 20-ish, Thaumatology 18-ish, Symbol Drawing 14-ish, and Occultism 20+. In a crossover game I'd expect him to have a team of heroes (magical and otherwise) on-call, possibly including several of the Defenders and Shadowpact, possibly handled by giving him an Ally Group.

Come to think of it, I may cook up a quick-and-dirty John Constantine sheet later tonight, once I get off work.

* for lack of a better term, given his background; I personally see him as a modern-day Alister Crowley.
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