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Northgate Mall

- Mad Max type end, change in local climates, more arid weather.
- Mature TL 8 End
- 2 generations and 40+ years since the End (this is standard for the examples so far)
- 100 shop mall, two storied building, glass roofed atrium with five glass roofed corridors.
- Due to random bureaucratic reasoning the store is quite well built
- No reliable annual rain
- Soil while slightly toxic can support some hardy plants.


- Health food shop, supermarket, gym, big box store with garden centre, health food store, pet store with aquariums, book stores, big box car parts store, big box hardware store, big box sports store.

- Northgate is a glass roofed mall that has been partially converted into a huge green house.
- An example of a fortress garden that is not going so well.
- Mirrors on the roof increase the “day” for the plants inside
- Water poor
- Would work as a fortress type structure, possibly taken over by a violent group who are holding the locals as slaves.
- Might work as a Base of operations for the PC's to own and improve.
- Has a high level of infrastructure but not necessarily a high level of education. They did have a book store though. None of the original population of Northgate had any practical experience with farming.
- The use of a wind turbine and solar panels have allowed refrigeration.
- The other resources at Northgate make it a valuable location
- the gardening supplies from the big box store(s) have allowed the community to last this long but they are running out.
Thanks for taking the time to post all of these scenarios! Farming, especially industrial and post-industrial farming, is not one of the areas of my expertise.

Using one of those areas, I would say that Northgate has a contradiction: 22 (or 88) people are not possibly enough to defend such a sprawling building with at least five large doors plus the loading docks and ground-floor windows and rolling doors to the car-part and garden stores. Even if they have three or four machine guns and plenty of ammunition to let half a dozen men cover those empty parking lots, bad guys can sneak up in the night, or find one of the approaches which they can't watch and use that one, or create a distraction on one side while rushing another, or just find something bulletproof and ram a gate; whatever firing positions they chose, there is almost certain to be lots of dead ground on a building which was designed to have lots of display windows and make people spend time walking or driving around where they might think "oh yeah, I should pick up a new bathrobe while I am here." I would think that anyone with a bit of military experience, a biker who had fortified a clubhouse, and many history buffs could give the same report; the residents will probably figure it out if they survive the first few bandit raids without being turned into ablative armour on the bandits' Deathmobiles.
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