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Default Re: Slaughtering Fencers with crossbows

Originally Posted by hcobb View Post
Yes, here is the fencer so far. He is a loner up against a party of scholars.
Frankly you can't expect him to survive against many crossbowmen. It's the realistic result.

A lucky fencer having to deal with one melee opponent and one or at most two crossbowmen who are firstly scholars (and therefore not that good with those crossbows) might make it. He'd keep the melee opponent between himself and the crossbowmen, and try to force the latter to fire their one bolt hurriedly. There is even a possibility that they hit their ally in the back, or at least that they miss.
Once the crossbows are useless, the fencer will despatch the melee fighter, and then in short order the two others as they desperately try to reload.
But he'd need to be lucky with two crossbows. Three is already too many.
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