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Default Relative utility of talents to spells.

Originally Posted by guymc View Post
** Half-points - yuck.

** I really like the idea of having talent “slots” equal to your (ST+DX+IQ)/2. Starting talents are limited by starting IQ, with multi-point talents costing more. ...

You have Talent/Spell SLOTS equal to your basic ST + DX + IQ / 2.
No matter how it is purchased, a Talent or Spell takes up 1 Talent/Spell SLOT. ...
Originally Posted by Steve Jackson View Post
I don't know. 32/2 = 16, and giving 16 spells to every starting wizard seems as though it breaks one of the big tradeoffs of Wizard. ...
Hi Guy, Steve.
Guy, congrats on the new job! Best of luck.

Re: half points. You could say that the memory IQ is equal to 2 x IQ. But that is a funny rule people have to remember. Some talents that cost 1/2 a memory (mIQ) seems the lesser sin to me. Further, you would also have to double the cost of all spells for reasons discussed below.

But the problem with saying that mIQ = 2xIQ (or your idea that mIQ = [ST + DX + IQ]/2 ), is that both of these double the memory for EVERYTHING. Spells AND talents. We DO NOT need to double the space for spells, as Steve points out above.

The wizards get a decent amount of spells because every single spell costs one memory. An IQ 12 wizard can have 12+ spells (3 Hex Fire INCLUDES 1 Hex Fire). Whereas, an IQ 12 hero might get only 5 or 6 talents because most of the useful talents cost 2 or more memory.

Now if I understand what you were saying, UC i thru UC v would all fit into one slot. Thief and Master Thief would fit into one slot. The price to buy expansive talents is 2 or 3 times what it takes to buy a spell (we want wizards to rock compared to heroes after all). This helps but...

This helps ONLY if you are buying chains of talents. But if you want to get Boating, Seamanship, Climbing, Thief, Running, etc. (My Thief / Pirate duel class character discussed above), then this idea does not help because the variety of talents defeats you.

Look at my Caravan Master / Adventurer character. Instead of needing 21 mIQ, he would just need 20 mIQ (presumably Recognize Value and Assess Value would both fit in one slot). Your idea, Guy, does not really help.


The fundamental problem is that talents cost too much relative to spells. With spells, a character can get a decent number when mIQ = IQ. With talents, some pretty basic characters are just impossible. This is why I keep coming back to my point that talents are over priced.

Warm regards, Rick.
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