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Originally Posted by Steve Jackson View Post
Monster Followers I have wondered how much those get used. They definitely have no basis in reality. Should I consider deleting them and using the space for other things, and possibly doing a whole splatbook, or section of a monster book, about it? Discuss, please.
I've had players who loved them... because it gave them henchmen. Please leave them, but put the writeup only on one, and the others as "See Monster Followers I" - use the twice as long but needful explanation once, and include the alterations for the others in it.

They represent a group of tangible qualities that generate genuine loyalty, but are otherwise each too subtle for a talent. Likewise, they should benefit with any other hirelings, too. It's the difference between the master baker, beloved of the community, and the beloved master who has apprentices who will willingly risk life and limb for him.

It DOES have a basis in reality... just not a straightforwardly obvious one. At 2 slots, tho', it's a bit expensive.

On languages... I think a base should be IQ/5 native (if local area has only 1, then an archaic related or religious, or a jargon by profession for the extra... but prootwaddles only speak one... )... and each additional slot should be no less than 1. How much more should be a GM decision... if the GM wants polyglot supreme, set it to 5 per, if the GM has only a half dozen languages, 1 per slot, with a default of 2 per slot.

If keeping the maximum atts idea, allowing extra slots of mIQ should increase the point total for XP purposes... but should be allowed to double, as an optional rule. That gives a lot of flex room.
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