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Default Re: West Point Cadet Sword

The Wiki page does not have good photos and length/weight/cross section data, but starting with a Dress Smallsword would be one reasonable approach.

Originally Posted by aesir23 View Post
It's a Spadroon, which they might have stats for in Low Tech, but IDHMBWM.

If not, I'd treat it as a Smallsword that can also do Swing-1 Cut, or as a Saber if you're feeling generous.
I don't think there are any official rulings about the stats for spadroons, but either of those sets of stats sounds fine depending on the weapon. Matt Easton finds that many spadroons are a bit too light to be good cutters and too flexible to be sure of thrusting through heavy clothing, but they make great swords for waving and saying "that way, follow me lads!" ... and the heavier versions might be a candidate for a real sword with the stats of the Sabre in the Basic Set.

He owns a lot of 19th century swords and practices 18th and 19th century fencing, so I respect his opinion.
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