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Default Re: [Spaceships] Heat Signature, Cloaking Device, and Stealth Hull

Originally Posted by safisher View Post
I did put "realistic" in quotes. But this is what is really funny Ulzgoroth, because this is what you said:

To which Anthony responded, to a comment about reactionless engines no less:
"Assuming your heat sinks are magical, you can suppress your IR output by quite a lot. The problem is that any realistic heat sink will fail in a very short time scale if used to keep your hull cool."
I don't know what point you are trying to make, here. Neither of those posts (#17 and 18) are part of the argument about realistic stealth in space that you kicked off in post #19.
I don't know any 3e, so there is no chance that I am talking about 3e rules by accident.
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