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Default Re: [MA] Techniques: How to build... Cleave?

Originally Posted by Bruno

You know, I'm really wondering how Whirlwind Attack fits into the design system now...
Whirlwind Attack
  • Maneuver: All-Out Attack (Determined), +4
  • Combat Option: Rapid Strike, five extra attacks (a total of six, for the six hexes around you) is -6×5 = -30, but halved for this being cinematic and the user being Trained by a Master or a Weapon Master, -15*
  • Drawback: All you can do this turn (no further Rapid Strike, DWA, Fast-Draw, etc.), +1
  • Drawback: Can't combine this with other techniques or special skills, +1
  • Drawback: Can't step, can only turn in place, +1
  • Drawback: Limited to swings at 1 yard in a fixed order against all foes, +1
  • Drawback: Multiple critical misses on any critical miss, +1
  • Drawback: Must accept random hit location, complete with penalty, +1
Default = 4 - 15 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = -5

* Yes, technically you don't need Trained by a Master or Weapon Master to attempt this at default. Those who lack those traits really ought to be at -20, not -5. But since it's an All-Out Attack that leaves you without defenses, quite likely still surrounded by foes who made defense rolls, we let it slide.
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