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Default Re: Inspiration for Realistic Modern Action Gaming

Originally Posted by macphersonrants View Post
If I haven't seconded the plug for Spooks/MI-5 already, I'll officially do so. This is exactly the sort of thing I look for. It's plausible and the tradecraft seems reasonably accurate. What I'm shooting for definitely doesn't have to be all firefights and explosions. If you've got some good caper flicks, espionage, or cop books or movies feel free to post them if they seem realistic and the tension is high. Never mind the bullets...
Yeah, they're generally good on verisimilitude, with only the occassional "You did what?!" moment.
For instance, in one episode they have a photo and need to figure out who someone in it is, but they're only shot from behind. They use a computer program that can figure out what their face looks like from analysing the rear of their skull.
I call BS on that.

Otherwise, they tend to stick to pretty decent science, near as I can tell.
It's great TV.
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