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Default Re: Summon Scout Spell--No Birds?

Originally Posted by Shostak View Post
… the spell is called "Summon Scout" not "Summon Small Mammal." I'm trying to understand why the specificity of mammals. Is there something about mammals that makes them more suitable scouts than other small critters? … The mammal restriction seems completely arbitrary to me.
Well, it does mention that the Wizard has access to the Scout's senses, but may interpret them differently. Presumably this is because of basic differences in their respective brains and nervous systems, their modes of perception.

So perhaps the reasoning is that the Wizard is a mammal, therefore the summoned Scout must be one too. Perhaps non-mammalian brains are just too different, and incompatible for sensory linkage with a mammalian Wizard.

And if that's the case, perhaps a reptilian Wizard who uses the same spell can only summon small reptiles: geckos and iguanas and such.

Hmmm… What about salamanders? Are amphibians too different from reptiles? That might be worth another debate…
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