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Default Re: Multiplayer Fridays

Originally Posted by Tim Kauffman View Post
Before moving on to other projects like maybe they could have instead worked out all the issues with the OGRE PC game.
Originally Posted by AurochJake View Post
We are still working on Ogre and have further updates planned. I appreciate it's been a little while since the last update and you've been great with submitting reports and issues in that time. We recently confirmed that we have an update planned very soon (a matter of weeks) which we'll have more info on shortly.

We have several teams within Auroch working on different projects at any one time, which is necessary to keep doing what we love which is making games :)
It's worth noting that this is a pretty normal cycle for application development. It's unreasonable to expect "all hands on deck until every bug is squashed" with exclusive attention to a single title. As much as it would be great for that to happen, it's not realistic to think Ogre is the only thing that deserves the company's attention. The ebb and flow of initial release, early bug fixes, and a lull while the priorities are assessed is to be expected. Unfortunately, what pays the bills it putting focus on "the next thing." Bug fixes are a diminishing return activity, so you have to minimize that work as much as possible to not lose money.

You can't expect bug fixes forever, so I'd rather see it take a bit longer to get them fixed properly the first time. As long as more updates come out in a reasonable amount of time, I don't see any issues with the pace.
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