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Originally Posted by Varyon View Post
People who come out raving that there are space vampires trying to eat their brain are generally treated as being, well, ******* crazy. And you'd have to already be crazy to reveal the existence of said brain-eating space vampires to the public, because you know doing so is likely to get you locked up as crazy, in a place where the vampire's lackeys can probably reach you and stage your suicide before you get a chance to prove anything. "Nobody will ever believe me" doesn't require an active conspiracy, after all. Even if you don't end up being considered clinically insane, the world at large is likely to treat you as having hallucinated, dreamed, or similar, with a few inconsequential fringe elements believing your story.
The reason people claiming this in our world are treated as crazy is because their claims are delusions and either lack all evidence or actively contradict the evidence.

In a world where there exist human-like creatures with non-human anatomy, however, it isn't any kind of extraordinary claim. It can be proven, with tissue samples. And if such creatures have existed for any length of time, especially if they live among humans, it already has been.

A drug-addict or homeless person screaming inanities might be ignored, but when multiple witnesses or suspects to murders make statements that accord in many important aspects even though collusion seems implausible or actively impossible, that isn't just swept under the rug. Murders are investigated. Often with quite a bit of forensic science, which is perfectly capable of distingushing between the remains of a human and something that looks human, but has radically different abilities, diet and therefore biology.

Vampires or ghosts are only regarded as non-sensical explanations in our world because throughout history, a grand total of 0% of such claims have turned out to be true. In a world with vampires and ghosts, that won't be the case any more. Absent some convoluted method of keeping a secret, any creature that lives, kills and dies among humans will be well known to humans. And at TL8, pretty well understood in so far as science can quantify them.
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