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Default Re: International Relations and Implications of US Supersoldier Experiments in 2017

Originally Posted by evileeyore View Post
Well there is always using them to relocate and then relocating again on the sly with falsified papers once you've had time to build up a good set and lay a false trail.
We will assume that the people he'd have to deal with would not be completely incompetent. Neither side could perfectly trust each other and both would insist on some kind of guarantees. At minimum, Col. Ortiz would have to give whoever helped him a lot of verifiable information, in addition to blood and tissue samples from all the subjects, before they'd allow him and his men any kind of freedom.

More probably, especially in China or Russia, any deal would effectively involve lifetime imprisonment at a government research facility, possibly with a gilded cage if they liked him.

He and his men are mobile cultures of what might be the most remarkable pharmacological discoveries in history, but also might be a biological weapon that wipes out humanity. Reverse-engineering the process that resulted in useful biological changes is orders of magnitude more practical if you have access to multiple former test subjects, the more, the better. The same applies to researching the risks, learning to guard against them and preventing them.

If a nation state actually has evidence, sufficient to convince the upper echelon of power there, of how greatly the former test subjects can violate what were previously thought to be scientific norms, it's very possible that they'd rate investigating this as their top R&D goal. It might just as easily be seen as a matter of public health as military biotechnology.

Not to mention that if certain aspects of the changes could be isolated, I imagine that quite a lot of powerful politicians, billionaires or generals would welcome being young, physically fit and in perfect health at least into their sixties.

Cherry Bell is 36 years of age and she looks 19. She never gets sick and she'll easily bounce back from any minor injury, without much in the way of pain or complications. She can casually and without any formal training do stuff that Olympic gymnasts train for months to attempt. She doesn't like to run, but would probably meet the Olympic minimums at any distance given a day to teach her the rules. And a few weeks of self-defence training for fun 18 years ago are enough to make her capable of defeating any female UFC fighter of her weight class.

Raul Vargas is in his sixties and it's been 17 years since he had to train regularly. And the stories we hear about him indicate that he retains most or all of his Special Forces skills. Also, he's stronger, faster, healtier and more virile than any living man, it seems. That is the sort of drug treatment every aging generalissmo or Presidente Supremo for Life will want.

Originally Posted by evileeyore View Post
There is also just hoofing it to say Brazil after building up a set of false papers while on the lam in Mexico.
I doubt he'd trust he was safe in any country where he hadn't gotten guarantees of safe conduct. But Brazil is an interesting possibility, as they are a rich and powerful nation that have the potential to be a local power. If they developed drugs based on Project Jade Serenity ahead of everyone else, it could enhance their prestige and actual power quite a bit, especially if they could share their research with carefully chosen strategic partners.
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