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Default Re: GURPS resources for low-tech assassination campaign?

Originally Posted by sir_pudding View Post
See GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 14: Ninja and Power-Ups for Assassins, Pyramid #3/50: Dungeon Fantasy II.
Thanks a lot! One of my friends agreed to purchase Action: Exploits, and I'm finding it incredibly useful/inspiring. Tons of adventure seeds popping out of my head as I read it =)

Two more questions:
1) This one I had already mentioned, but since no one said anything, I'm hoping it just got lost in my many different requests for help: is there any kind of pre-made (hex) map cache available for public use (I would pay for that easily)? While the idea of extensively using tactical maps for detailed missions appeals a lot to the group, the prospect of having to draw one by one myself doesn't...

2) Glimmerman's characters, above, are 200 cp and 450 cp each. I'm wondering if I'm being to stingy/lenient with points in my campaign, considering it's supposed to be cinematic. So, the way we did it: the three players started out with a 125 cp character each.

These characters have their own background and history COMPLETELY unrelated to the ninja/assassination background:

The idea was to ease everyone into the setting and the rule system (GURPS) and it's working well, they are enjoying the first 'generic' adventures we are having (no martial arts rules, no strategic map so far, etc.) This subcampaign should end with them being recruited by this esoteric assassination agency, which will lead to a gap of years till the next adventure, time in which they will be taught, trained and doutrined into the arts of assassination and martial arts (which comes both as an assassination tool and a enlightenment tool). I'm considering giving them 200 cp in this part of the campaign to represent such training, to be spent in predetermined slots not unlike a template:
* 10 cp in self-growth skills such as philosophy and meditation;
* 40 cp to spend on attributes, advantages and/or buying off disadvantages that go along that personal growth;
* 20 cp in skills and techniques related to a martial style;
* 50 cp for combat advantages (weapon master, combabat reflexes, enhanced defenses, etc. - Trained by a Master is free);
* 20 cp to spend on infiltration skills;
* 30 cp for exotic advantages such as Discriminatory Hearing/Smell, Sensitive Touch, Luck, Serendipity, Danger Sense, etc.
* 30 cp to spend freely in developing their original character concept (outdoor skills, wealth, etc.)

Does that sound too little? Too much? Too badly distributed? Please help a newbie GURPS GM :)

And please don't foget question 1) :D
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