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Default Re: Nanofabricators, DRM and Forced Scarcity

Originally Posted by Tyneras View Post
If you want justification for draconian DRM and nanofac control, have a "bad example" where there wasn't and everything that could go wrong went wrong.

Society broke down to the smallest unit able to sustain a nanofac (family/clan?), violently competing with each other for materials to feed their machines. It's a toxic hell that was once a green, verdant world. Small, inbred communities surviving in sealed bunkers on a lifeless world, its surface corrosive, toxic and radioactive with a detritus of thousands of tiny wars without restraint.

Any time anyone brings up the idea of open source, the authorities need only point to that world(s) to have the general public cheering them on as they take the insane deviant away in chains.
This works about as well as the government's ability to control the entire world, for whatever values of 'world' are relevant to the culture. If it can't swing that, you have renegades outside their control practicing illegality without catastrophic result.

(For a very controlling government, one strategy is to narrow their people's world to exclude uncontrolled regions.)
I don't know any 3e, so there is no chance that I am talking about 3e rules by accident.
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