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Default Re: Spaceships: "improved" guns?

Originally Posted by ericbsmith View Post
You're misremembering (or miscounting, anywas). SM+11 is 30,000 tons, SM+12 is 100,000 tons. Fred was being generous when he said the 57,000 Ton Iowa-Class qualifies as SM+12.
I screwed up in reading the quick table I generated in Excel - you are correct, 30,000 does indeed count as SM+11.

Of course, as Ulzgoroth noted, the weapons used in SS and the weapons mounted on the Iowa are quite distinct (in addition to the greater velocity of SS weapons, they are actually firing guided munitions). Firing a smaller shell at a greater velocity, or a larger shell at a lesser one (as in this case), should be possible to somehow work out, although you're clearly in the realm of houserules at that point.
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