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Default Re: Spaceships: "improved" guns?

Originally Posted by Varyon View Post
Wikipedia isn't entirely reliable, but it notes displacement of a fully-loaded (Spaceships stats are based on fully-loaded weight) Iowa-class as 57,000 tons, which if I remember the Spaceships tables right (from calculating that an SM 0 ship would weigh 0.1 tons) that puts it between SM+13 (30,000) and SM+14 (100,000), leaning more toward +13. Of course, we're still running into the issue that those 40 cm guns weigh (again, according to Wikipedia) 0.2% of the ship's total mass, not the 5% SS assumes, but I don't think that number includes the turret, so maybe it works out?
Spaceships battery systems include the entire weapon system including magazines. (Though not including any enclosing armor...) So it doesn't compare to the mass of the gun alone.

Also, an Iowa-class doesn't fire shells at a mile per second.
I don't know any 3e, so there is no chance that I am talking about 3e rules by accident.
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