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Default Re: Animals used as improvised 'Hand Weapons' ?

Originally Posted by Plane View Post
Lmao ! Never seen that one before ! X-D
Snapping Turtle Bolas might be an extension of this idea ?

In AD&D's Dark Sun setting , metal was incredibly scarce & people would often improvise with organic natural materials : Bronze Wood = super tough hard wood as strong as Bronze ; Shed scales/Hide from Armoured Monsters and yes Tortoise/Turtle materials .
One of these were a pair of Tortoise Shells with bone blades extending forward strapped to the forearms . They could be used as a pair of short blades & a pair of Bucklers at same time & also a favorite of Druids as it used wholly non metal components .

Could easily imagine a largish live Tortoise in a fantasy setting with a ultra tough (spiked?) shell , EASILY being used as both a Shield AND a weapon ... Alligator Snapping Turtles can sever whole hands !! 8-|
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