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Default Animals used as improvised 'Hand Weapons' ?

News item on BBC & elsewhere :

Man, 26, 'used seagull as weapon in cafe attack'

Not very nice for the seagull , but pretty amusing when you read the headline unexpectedly !

Just wondering if others have used animals in a similar way ?
I recall an AD&D game where Big Mac's Knight scooped up an enraged Badger from a Baiting Ring , & used it in one (Mailed) hand & his backup Dagger in the other set about the thugs who had organised the baiting .
Having metal armour & his hand & forearm covered in it , saved him from any collateral Badger attacks , his non armoured opponents had no such luck .
A fifteen pound Badger in the face is no laughing matter ...

Otherwise I can't really remember many . Someone doing a Crocodile Dundee & chucking venomous snakes at unsuspecting foes perhaps ?

In fictional examples Captain Vimes using a Swamp Dragon as a firearm in Guards! Guards! (DiscWorld) & Doxies etc in some Harry Potter fanfics & that's about it .
Until above Seagull incident , I never thought to see a real life example - obviously setting a dog on someone is different .
Five Gauss Guns on a Camper !!!
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