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Default Re: Which is hosed in TFT? Wizard or Hero?

Originally Posted by Rick_Smith View Post
Hi Zot, everyone.
The rule is on Advanced Wizard page 10. The rule says a non-wizard can cast a spell...

FROM MEMORY Like a wizard, except that memorizing the spell "costs" you 3 IQ points and you will always cast that spell at DX 4. Wizards will never know many spells.

This is a permanent penalty which adds on to the 4 DX for wearing iron.
Yeah, hmm.

Permanent -4 DX seems gratuitous to me, especially for someone who pays triple XP for spells.

I don't think it ever came up in our games -- I don't remember non-wizards ever having spells. I'm just house-ruling that puppy out for our current games... :)
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