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Originally Posted by Jinumon View Post
Thanks a ton, lich, and everyone else here. Considering the moons are visible for an average of 10.25 hours each 24 hour day, I'll multiply by 24/10.25 to find the frequency of a triple full moon visible at night. Gives me once every 3.24 days. He was wanting something more frequent than once every month anyway. Not every night, but pretty frequently.
All full moons happen at night. By definition the moon is on the opposite side of the planet as the sun, it's night anywhere you can see it. Note that with this short period, the phases of the moon go through there entire cycle several times over the course of any given night - moon A is full *six times* every night, moon C is twice. The real frequency question is how much of the time they count as full so those might happen to overlap.

On the other hand, I'm not sure the phases are *visible*. Assuming Lerrom is earth-like, all these moons appear to be inside the Roche limit, so they're necessarily tiny. None of them are likely to show a visible disk, they're just points of light that vary in brightness.
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