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Originally Posted by a humble lich View Post
Looking at it numerically, depending on what you mean by a full moon, it looks like to me you will have a full moon about every 33.2 hours, and each full moon lasts about 20 minutes.
Thanks a ton, lich, and everyone else here. Considering the moons are visible for an average of 10.25 hours each 24 hour day, I'll multiply by 24/10.25 to find the frequency of a triple full moon visible at night. Gives me once every 3.24 days. He was wanting something more frequent than once every month anyway. Not every night, but pretty frequently.

As a follow-up question, assuming his transformation lasts from the triple full moon and for the remainder of the night, what would the frequency classification be for a Disadvantageous Alternate Form? A regular full moon is Rare (from GURPS Horror).

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