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Default Re: [Game] Island of the Lost

I ran a campaign like this several years ago using the premise that the characters were all contestants in a SURVIVOR-like reality show who wind up in a different reality.

Naturally, I had the obligatory dinosaurs, (one of my players named the campaign "Craphole Dinosaur Island"), and the stone-age tribe of monkey people. I had a small enclave of scientists studying the island, who regarded the players as specimens to study and gave no help at all. A crashed Japanese pilot waiting for WWII to end, (for him it's only been five or ten years). A ruined city of an ancient race of Sleestak -- that is, of lizard men. A Spanish ship crewed by Conquistadors who have been tranmorgified into lizard men after messing around the lizard city. And a diary of a previous castaway, who after being rescued, founded the cookie company which is the main sponsor of the reality show.

Oh, and a stash of the sponsor's cookies. Do you dare eat one...?
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