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Default Re: How to go about making an Ultra Tech Bow

Originally Posted by Culture20 View Post
And it need not be limited to putting out the energy that's put in. The UT bow doesn't need to bow. It could be a vaguely bow shaped object with two vandegraff generator look a likes at the tips, and a tingly glowing "string" that acts as a force multiplier (uses hyperspacial force fields to flaven the electrons of the arrow's gribnark field and convert the user's ST to super ST for pull only). It would be like the stretchy-string toy bows of TL 7-8, but far more deadly.

Or maybe the bow is made of ultra tech polymers that allow a ST 300 draw, and then there are UT gloves or bracers that use repeller rays to push each other apart, giving the user Super ST for pulling something apart between his hands. The gloves might be common in any upscale UT kitchen, used for cracking open Gryc't'nor shells.

And finally, it might be a hyperspacial jump gate for a miniature species, and the arrows are empty ships with really explosive fuel. The gate happens to work on the player's mental frequency; it detects where he wants each arrow to go and sends it there, based on his arrow skill since that's how he tries to use it at first. Learn a little hyperspacial geometry, and he can make his "arrows" do some neat tricks.

I like the thought of possibly the bow itself being much stronger. However, with a lot of the energy arrows (and gadget arrows in general), STR would only be used in calculating distances.

However... If someone used some type of futuristic polymer or metal to make piercing arrows, could the bow itself become a type of gadget with Striking Strength as an advantage?

Either way, I want to thank everyone for their advice so far. I definitely have a direction to go in now which is what I was needing.
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