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Default Re: How to go about making an Ultra Tech Bow

Originally Posted by tbrock1031 View Post
Best line of that movie, and fitting for any bow-slinging hero of TL6+.

Also, take a line from Hawkeye and Green Arrow in the comics. They use bow-and-arrows, but the trick arrows they use are often best, and easily statted using UT.

Signature Gear (Consumable) from Supers lets you replenish your supply of warhead arrows between sessions (or GM permitting, whenever you're off-camera). It's not just for superhero games.

Also, don't forget armor-piercing arrow-heads for punching through that first layer of armor.

I honestly had not thought about the Consumable Signature Gear from the Supers book, so I wanted to say thanks for the tip... I'll definitely be suggesting that to the player.

Weby, I definitely like what you have as far as the arrows that your elves will be using. That definitely gives me what I've been looking for plus the costs that you have on those seem pretty consistent with the wealth of the campaign.
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