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Default Re: Updated / New Character Sheets

Originally Posted by Digganob
I was under the impression that Melange was no longer doing that. Has he changed his mind?
Not quite.

Melange has chosen not to participate on these forums at the moment due to differences with the moderators. Additionally, he is currently very busy and has little or no time to work on FlexSheet. Add those two together and the end result is that Melange is currently unable to support FlexSheet himself. However, not wanting either of those problems to adversely affect all of the users of FlexSheet, he has been generous enough to allow a few others (currently Naryt and myself) to make updates to FlexSheet in his stead. Beyond that, as far as I know, he intends to continue to host FlexSheet, and all of the other files that he's currently hosting, on his website.

As to changing his mind, about the moderators here... who knows. Once he is less busy and has some free time available again, he may very well decide to reconcile his differences with the moderators and come back or he might never do so. Only time will tell.
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