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Default Re: Updated / New Character Sheets

Just a heads up that FlexSheet has been updated and that the update has been sent to Melange for hosting. Until he gets it posted, here's the change log for your perusal.

FlexSheet, version 1.36 ChangeLog
  • Corrected a problem with the option to print the Ad/Disad sections before the Skill sections whereby the Languages section was stuck to the top of the Skills section rather than to the bottom of the Cultural Familiarities section as it should be.
  • Updated the extended DR section to handle extra/irregular body parts somewhat more gracefully.
  • Normalized the way all costs are printed.
FlexSheet, version 1.35 ChangeLog
  • Added an option to print skills on a new page.
  • Added an option to print the Advantages/Perks/Disadvantages/Quirks sections either before or after the Skills/Techniques/Paths/Spells sections.
  • Added an option to change the print color of bonuses and conditionals.
  • Various printing corrections throughout the Advantages, Perks, Disadvantages, Quirks, Languages, Skills, and Techniques sections. Notable differences: the Languages section only prints if you have at least one language and the Advantages, Perks, Disadvantages, Quirks, Skills, and Techniques sections only print if there is at least one item that will print within them (this is a parent/child fix).
  • Corrected the printing of an extraneous separator line when printing Ads, Perks, Disads, and Quirks.
  • Corrected a printing problem where a mostly empty Cultural Familiarities section could extend past the end of the column.
  • Updated the printing of the single and extended DR sections, per the new GCA DR scheme.
  • Reordered many of the options to try and make it easier to find what you're looking for.
  • Removed a couple of obsolete and unused functions (they had been obsolete since FlexSheet 1.32 due to the changes required by the GCA v4.0.287 update).
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