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Default Re: [Game] Generate a military sci-fi setting

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The drive generates a lot of heat at high acceleration, so it really is only useful for combat maneuvers at 3g.
It occurs to me that ships might need a bit more oomph to get out of stronger planetary gravitational wells.

Originally Posted by sir_pudding View Post
Q33: Tell us about a mercenary company that would be a suitable employer for the PCs.
In addition to (E)'s six groups, two more companies:

Further Mercenary Groups
Blue Stranger
Blue Stranger is the name of both this light cruiser and its mercenary company. This is not a standard combat mercenary group, however, their specialty being various forms of electronic warfare and cyberwarfare. They may operate alone or in conjunction with larger combat groups, acting as the EW/ECM/ELINT element for the group.

The ship itself is a decommissioned military comms/sensor support cruiser from the Imperial Danish Guard Hussar Fleet, which has been extensively retrofitted with advanced cyberwarfare systems and SQID countermeasures.

The company is commanded by a man calling himself Massimillio Salamandro, a suspected former hacker for the Mariner nation's military intelligence unit, Directorate R. Salamandro cannot leave the life support floatation chamber he lives in, as he has spliced the majority of his motor nerves into cybernetic controller ports for his EW server complex. The rest of the crew comprises flight operations, a remote EW unit, and three physical incursion squads for when remote ops are infeasible.

Brimstone RawDogs
The Brimstone RawDogs are high-tech version of a paratrooper squadron, specialising in orbital drop insertions and HALO operations. The have a permanent base in the clouds of Venus and deploy on a carrier/command vessel, carrying two combat drop-insertion shuttles and six fighter escorts.

The RawDogs pride themselves on their reckless bravado and blood-thirsty ferocity. Their initiation ceremony is to "dive a High20," doing an unprotected freefall dive through the upper Venusian atmosphere between the 70km and 50km altitude marks, equipped with a breather, goggles, wings and parachute, but no mask or flying suit. Members therefore all boast a similar, acid-scarred appearance- the scars of their fiery baptism burn away the marks of their previous life. For combat operations though, they will be more appropriately equipped, but their particular training means they are able to dive in with minimal equipment and sensor cross-section when necessary.

The squad's emblem is a bald, barechested soldier, armed with pistol and grenade in each hand, combat knife in his teeth, in a flying pose, surrounded by a comet's fiery halo.

Question 42
What level of cybernetics is available?
How common are complete cyborgs or even any kind of cybernetics?

Question 43
How common are AI's?
What level of intelligence do they have?
Do they run on large supercomputer installations or smaller mobile platforms?

Question 44
Which manufacturers are known as the best for different classes of weaponry and armour?
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