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Default Space Opera Exploration Game: Episode Seeds

Hey all, I'm about ready to start up a new GURPS game that is patterned after TOS Star Trek with all the serial numbers filed off. I've got a face-to-face group that meets every week pretty reliably but any given week we don't know who will show up so the idea is to do something fairly episodic that wraps up in a single session (we do tend to marathon a bit, 5-7 hours is pretty standard) that people can drop in and won't miss much if the miss a week here and there.

I saw something in a Pyramid, I don't remember which, about an swarm of medical nanobots that were being used as a makeshift stasis system for some ancient aliens that occasionally had to grab passing ships and chow down on them to keep going. I think I'm going to use that as something of a pilot episode, they're investigating a missing ship and they discover this anomaly; do they immediately try to destroy it? Since their plasma missiles won't be terribly effective they might have to do some investigating that might lead them to discover it's true nature, and then the debate begins, destroy or resurrect.

So I've been rambling on a bit but my main purpose here is to poll the audience and see if (a) anyone has any suggestions about how I could take that basic concept and make it a fun adventure and (b) if anyone else can think up some other cool Star Trek-esque space adventures for the Confederation Starship Odyssey?
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