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Default Re: Partial Fix of Magic: Fire College

Originally Posted by scc View Post
OK Magic gets a lot of flack ... for being too cheap in light of Powers (A nonsensical argument)
I think you're misinterpreting this argument. The complaint is that Magic is too cheap compared to non-magical abilities. The fact the Powers, which is seen as closer to fair, is much more expensive is seen as evidence of this.

The real issue is that Magic is the best way to do any niche. It becomes an issue when, for example, you have your TL3 Doctor, Scout (in the literal, not the DF sense), Diplomat and Mage in a party. By knowing some divination spells, some healing spells and a mind control spell, your mage can easily become better at each other character's niche than that mundane character themselves. This isn't an issue in some campaigns, where pretty much everyone of note should be a mage and not using magic is like making a TL10 character who doesn't use any tech, but otherwise, you wind up with your mages overshadowing everyone.

Consolidating spells, while perhaps fixing another issue, actually makes this problem worse, because now in order to become better at finding things than the Scout, your mage need only buy Finder.
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