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Originally Posted by hcobb View Post
Has anyone considered letting each hero choose one category of spells that they only pay double instead of triple cost for?
I always liked the idea of splitting magic up into categories.
  • Forcing wizards to choose, making them roll 4/DX for some categories and/or limiting their ability to learn such spells would be one way to weaken wizards.
  • Letting heroes learn a category would give them a limited ability to learn magic.
  • New classes could be created, e.g. druids might be allowed to learn some spells, but also get the nature-oriented and interpersonal talents.
  • The special wizard abilities like "can cast from books" could be one category in total.
The rule could be that each character got a certain number of categories, or that your earnt XP depended on how many categories you had. e.g. multiply the XP received by some constant minus the number of categories.

I would write this up, alone or in collaboration, if there were interest in the idea. But my impression is there isn't.
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