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Default Re: Can you Parry a Bear?

Originally Posted by Imion View Post
AFAIK the question was about the 'effective weight' of an attack for the purposes of parrying. Specifically when and if you have to roll against breakage.

My reasoning is thus:

With a concentrated force it is easier to break the parrying weapon than with a force spread out over a relatively large area. That would validate the rule that the effective weight of a shield bash, when it comes to the chance of weapon breakage due to parrying, is higher than that of a Shield Rush.

That you have successfully parried the attack is not quite the point of discussion here.

To be honest I think they are pretty linked, (but see my earlier posts about my opinion on the difference and weapon breakage in general). Either way even if we just look at effective weight I'm not sure it's going to be higher in a shield bash than it is in a shield rush
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