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Default Re: Hitting Targets of Opportunity in Combat

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From a game perspective, I don't like random hit locations, as another roll slows combat a bit. Roll dice, look at table, and then, when it's a weird location that doesn't get hit much, read the effects of hitting that location.
We play online, rolling and looking up hit locations isn't a huge time sink for us. My idea is that it should be easier to hit the most vulnerable part of an enemy, which may be their torso, arms, legs, feet, ect, than it is to specifically hit the torso.

I've noticed that most weapons prefer to hit the torso to get wounding modifiers (spears), or to prevent crippling from limiting damage (greatswords, axes). Most combats end with people at negative HP, but otherwise in one piece. By encouraging random hit locations, more people will end up missing arms, legs, feet, hands, ect. which just isn't happening right now.
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