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Default Re: New Reality Seeds

Having recently read The Russian Origins of the First World War I'd suggest this reality seed. Durring their build up to the first World War, which they needed in order to keep their Black Sea fleet from being made obsolete, the Russians realises they'll need to switch their priorities around. So they ignore their main goals in Europe to throw two-thirds of their force directly against Berlin and the other third is sent to Eastern Anatolia.

The Germans, having sent all their troops to France, and unable to turn them around, find the Russians have taken Berlin. (The token forces sent by Russia to threaten Berlin were easily handled in our world, in this world the attack is much sooner and vastly stronger.) In Eastern Anatolia, the Russians, allied with the Kurds and the Armenians, as they were in real history, march toward the Borphorus with little significant opposition. The Czars become the clear winners of WWI.
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