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Originally Posted by martin_rook View Post
Brandywine Creek, Pennsylvania, 1777: Major Patrick Ferguson...
This one has been shot down so many times Snopes should do page on it.

First, while his rifle was very good, it wasn't the revolutionary advance well meaning but misinformed myth makers claim it to be.

Second, Ferguson and Washington never got within a dozen miles of each during the Brandywine campaign. In fact, a ball in his arm sent Ferguson well to the rear for medical attention hours before Washington approached the ford.

Third, Ferguson never claimed to have had Washington in his sites and died very soon afterwards at Kings Mountain where the irregular colonial forces treated his corpse rather badly. The whole "I could have George" was made up after Ferguson died and by someone other than Ferguson.

I'd like to second patchwork's suggestion about If you're truly interested in the subject and want to explore turning points instead of making stuff up, it's well worth a visit.
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