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Originally Posted by Engurrand View Post
The GCA program default when you add the "Games" skill to a character is the specialty "GURPS." Chuckle-worthy? Yes.
Just as an aside, I really like it when people find these little easter eggs - especially since I don't drop in too many of them.

Originally Posted by Engurrand View Post
But it also got me thinking. At least a few people on this forum have this skill, so, besides playing GURPS, how do you use it?
I obviously us it in combination with Computer Programming in writing data files for GCA. This doesn't make me any real money, but does get me some swag (it's difficult to work on these things if you don't have the books, so I get them complimentary). In fact the first programming "language" I probably learned was GCA data file spec, and wrote quite a few files over the years before 4th Edition came out and GCA became the official character creation program.

Outside of gaming, I've used many interesting facts I've gleaned from GURPS books - I won a picture of Walter Koenig at a 'con (which he later signed) because I knew how many Light Years were in a Parsec, thank you GURPS Space (my first GURPS supplement, a book I still love). In helping my brother set up a fish tank I was able to quickly rattle off how heavy the full tank would be thanks to GURPS Vehicles. On a math quiz I couldn't remember how many feet were in a mile, but I remembered how many yards were thanks to GURPS (and multiplying by 3 gave me the feet).
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