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Default Re: Becoming a Cultist and Munchkin Cthulu

Originally Posted by Andrew Hackard View Post
This is not Not NOT the case. I really want to find the person who keeps telling people this is the rule and cut off his . . . access to Munchkin players.

The only time you are required to become a Cultist is when a card says you are. And if there are no Cultist cards in the discards when that card says so, you STILL don't become a Cultist.
Oh, OK! Thanks for all the help.

In his defense, he'd never played Cthulu before either, so we were all new (even though it was his game).

One follow up question: If I have the Cult Membership Card (but am not a "real" Cultist) and a card tells me to become a Cultist and there IS a Cultist card already in the discards, can I just say, "I'm already a Cultist, so that doesn't apply," and so escape?
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