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Default Re: Becoming a Cultist and Munchkin Cthulu

Originally Posted by Munchkinator View Post
OK, so in Munchkin Cthulu, I know that if you draw or are given (as charity) a Cultist card, then you have to play it and become a Cultist. I understand that Cultist cards get their own discard pile.

Now, some cards make you a Cultist, such as meeting H.P. Munchcraft. What if there are no Cultist cards in the discards?
The Munchkin Cthulhu Rules say what to do in that case:

Originally Posted by Munchkin Cthulhu Rules
When you discard a Cultist card for any reason, put it in a separate discard pile, not in the regular Door discards, and do not count this pile as “discards” for any other purpose, because:
If any card tells you “Become a Cultist,” and there is a discarded Cultist card waiting for you, then you must take it. If there is no Cultist card, you escaped . . . this time. If you were already a Cultist, there is no further effect; you don’t take another card.
Also, if you draw or given a Cultist card, you are in no obligation to play it. The only rule is that, once you are a Cultist, you can't discard it voluntarily.
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