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Default Re: Classifying Shields

Originally Posted by nik1979
On the subject of shields

Strangely I've also found that given that that shields are actually quite disposable in battle, that there was a specialized role to refurbish warriors with shields, namely shield bearers. Without waiting for Low Tech are there any handy rules for shields anyone has devised?
Sadly, as far as the GURPS rules are concerned, small shields with their DR of 6 and their HP of 30, will generally outlast an ordinary fighter's involvement in any combat. For a ST 10 fighter, the odds of rolling enough damage to bypass the Shield's DR is exactly a 1 in 6 chance. A fighter with a skill 12 in shield, generally has a base 3+12/2 (or 6) = 9 base shield block value. The odds of successfully defending with a skill 9 on 3d6 is 37.5%. The odds of success with a +1 bonus due to the shield raises it to 50%. 50% minus 37.5% = 12.5%. This means then, that a professional soldier with a skill of 12 in shield, will generally have only a 12.5% chance per successfully prosecuted attack against him, of having his shield take a square hit on it.

.125 x .167 = .020

That is, there is only a 2% chance PER incoming hit by an average ST 10 fighter using a broadsword, of doing precisely 1 point of damage to the small shield.

ST 11 fighter using a broadsword will of course, have a better shot at doing damage, but not a whole heck of a lot. The odds jump from 2% to a whopping 4%

Short of the GM just saying "You need to buy a new shield at the end of this major fight", the player is going to realize if he keeps track of damage done to his shield, that it doesn't need to be replaced - at all.

Chances are better for the NPC or PC using a shield will die before he needs a new shield.
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