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Pardon if this is disjointed, I tend to over think things sometimes when it comes to changing games (I spent weeks looking through the GURPS books way back before I switched to it from AD&D). My current go to game is Savage Worlds for various reasons.

In general, when playing D&D (GM or player), I lose interest after level 8 because I do not like high powered games. TFT sounds like it is a great fit for me. Although some descriptions make it sound like the players are glass gods...

I have been gravitating to rules light games (but not too light, thus savage worlds) the past few years, and again TFT sounds like it is a great fit for me.

I tend to GM campaigns because my players demand it, even my recent attempt at novice to legendary and done in Savage Worlds is being met with resistance to ending 1/2 way through. This is where I have trouble as I kept hearing, TFT is best for one shots.

I'm coming away with the idea that it can be used for campaigns. The PCs sound like they may not be gods, but are likely still made of glass so the parade of characters is an unavoidable feature, there will be no long term characters over the campaign arc unless the players are really good at tactical games.
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