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In many ways TFT compares well to the Original version of D&D, think the 5x7 white or wood box edition. Many folks played the first version D&D and had lots of fun with it. A lot of the discussions in early magazines covered many of the points being made about TFT with exploits or things that simply weren't defined. But those early players and GMs found ways to cope and have fun.

The 3d6 system tends to self limit to some extent. Look at the probability curve and you will see that the percent improvement of changing a stat from 10 to 11 is more then that you get from going from 15 to 16.

Remember that as GM, you don't have to allow that Goblin of mass sha-ken throwing if you find that it is messing up your game. Maybe the local sheriff gets tired of digging sha-ken out of dead townsfolk or walls and convinces the overlord to ban sha-ken and authorize the imprisonment of anyone using such a weapon.
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