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Default Re: Physicker and poison

Originally Posted by JimmyPlenty View Post
I certainly agree with naturalist and alchemy involved.


Treating with physicker or naturist roll 4/IQ or with alchemy at 3/IQ. Success stops lingering effects and is only way to recover ST from poison other than rest or magical healing.
I like the lingering effects preventing Recover ST.

I suggested a precursor to Naturalist: The Herbalist. They might know what purgative or emetic type plants to use.


IQ 9
Herbalist (1): An Herbalist is familiar with the affects that plants can have on the body, soul and mind. Herbalist deals with culinary herbs (& spices) or therapeutic herbs. Grows herbs in her garden or knows where to find them (3d6 vs IQ once per hour to locate.*) Can make non-magical remedies from freshly cut herbs (lasts 3 days).

Naturalist costs (1) if you already have Herbalist.
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