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Originally Posted by RogerBW View Post
D&D 4e put off a lot of people. But they're mostly playing Pathfinder, not GURPS.
For what little anecdotal evidence it's worth, I came to GURPS 4E right after D&D made the transition from 3.5E to 4E.

It takes some degree of mental distancing to step back, critically examine the assumptions of your gaming rules, and also critically examine your own desired mechanics in an RPG system.

Even when I knew D&D 3.5 wasn't doing it for me, I spent a couple of years trying to convert it into a points-buy system. At one point I owned every single hardback 3/3.5E non-campaign book they'd put out, I was so desperate to find the "one supplement that fixes everything to my liking".

It's several important mental steps to expect of a gamer who's only ever known one system (and in fact for whom that single system may be a metonym for the entire hobby as a whole). Not everybody will have time to barricade themselves in a gaming store for two days like me, reviewing game systems.

If GURPS could advertise more on digital platforms, to spread the word of its strengths and flexibilities, it might reach more folks. Certainly these days, FLGS aren't doing so well and many people are trying stuff out online.

Has SJG ever gotten ad pixels on the big RPG sites? On Discord? etc.
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