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Default Astral Projection

Just wondering if I have this right and how other people play it...

1/ You can appear anywhere you've been before, physically.

2/ You can blink to several places while astral as long as you've been there.

3/ After you arrive somewhere, you can see things, hear people and move about as if you were there, except you can move through all physical objects.

4/ You could spend an hour exploring a house you had stood outside, or a city where you had once stood on the docks, and you would see what is actually there right now.

5/ You would be able to astrally move (walk/fly) from places you had been, into places you had not physically been.

6/ I'm guessing you can 'fly' at MA 12 or something. Not sure what maximum range that gives you!

7/ Would you allow the deck of a ship, or the arms of a lover to be 'places' you could astrally project to? I imagine if you can 'feel' the 'place' then you can reach it?

Does that sound about right? Thanks in advance.

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